It's that time of year when Valentines and mushy stuff come out and we recognize how much we care for our loved ones and this is the time that all the cupid themed items come out as well. Kestyn was curious one day, who exactly was cupid and what was his purpose so I told him! He shoots you with an arrow of love and the first person you look at after being impaled is the one you will fall in love with. Well since that day, Kestyn has been terrified to be shot by cupid and wanted to know every detail of what Cupid looked like so that he can keep an eye out for him. I find this to be rather funny and think I'll play a little joke on him, here's how it will go... I'm making a "love arrow" of which I'm putting a tag on it that will say, "I may have missed you this time but just know I will get you someday!" And I'll turn this into an easter bunny sort of thing where Cupid will leave his arrow every year and also some candy or small toys. I think this could be very fun, at least for a little while until he grows to old for it all. Am I demented because I'm getting a secret thrill off of knowing he'll be paranoid with this whole Cupid thing? You know what, who cares what you think, I'm gonna do it anyway! Ha ha!


kim and ned said...

I think that is the awesomest idea ever. I never know what to do on Valentines Day for kids. That's perfect! Do mind if I use it too?

The Hyde's said...

Not at all Kim, go right ahead, maybe i'll have to make the arrows in bulk so I can sell them!

When I grow up, I'm gonna be just like my daddy

My Favorite Things Kestyn Said...

1. If someone were to offer him a cigarette, he would reply, and I quote: "What's your understanding of anaphylactic shock!" No joke, he came up to me and told me that! (He learned it from The Saftey Kids)

2. One day while eating at KFC I told him to hurry or I'd leave him there and he responded: "No, don't leave me here or I'll become... One of them!"

3. After coming home from preschool, I asked him like I always do what he'd learned that day and he said: "Ahhh, just a bunch of crap!"

4. We were just getting out of the car and I guess Kestyn was talking to Zach but he wasn't paying attention and left for the house and as I was unbuckling Kes, he said with a hint of irritation, "And I'm talking to myself." (Keep in mind he's 4 going on 18!)

5. It was time for bed and Zach followed Kestyn to what he thought was going to be his bed but instead Kes went to the bathroom of which he then turned around, looked at Zach, and said, "I'm going to be here a while..." So Zach came back into the living room grinning from ear to ear and said he was instructed to wait.

6. So it's Zach's family reunion in Fishlake and I was talking to Kestyn about letting him go there and camp with them since I couldn't go because I had to work. He started to tear up and said "I want you to be fired from your work so you can go with me." Talk about heart breaking! Boy I love this kid!

7. I don't have one particular phrase he's used but lately he's been using the word plethora a lot and in the right context!!! Just wait until you hear a 4 year old say plethora, almost as funny as hearing him say trapezoid at 2 years of age!

8. Okay, so we had satellite radio for a while and one night Kes and I were driving home listening to xm kids when a song about pirates came on. Kestyn started asking questions about them and asked me what pirates did. I told him that they would attack other ships and pilfur their stuff, and then he asked me what pirates do now, and I told him that there really wasn't pirates per se. Not in the same sense really.....I mostly said it to avoid a long drawn out conversation, but anyway, he gave me a funny look and said, "What did they all do, quit?"